"Our philosophy has always been to be better, not bigger. We are not in this to be a big shot. We are in this to light the world on fire with our customers. We want our customers to approach us without any doubt we can make a part. That’s what makes us tick.” – Bill Balcerzak, Owner of B&B Products, Inc.

B&B-2718Established in a two-car garage in 1969 using manual turret lathes, B&B Products, Inc. was built on a foundation of hard work and dedication. Over the years, their team has focused on holding onto those fundamental values while modernizing their methods.

B&B Products aims to provide the sophistication and process control of large enterprises while retaining the personal attention and values of a family-owned business.

Today, B&B Products is a production machining company known for its precision machining of extremely complex, hard-to-produce parts. They proudly employ more than 20 highly-skilled workers. Located in Franksville, WI, the company specializes in tight-tolerance parts combined with superior micro-inch finishes. Their precision machining benefits businesses in a variety of industries such as hydraulics, agriculture, defense, railroad, automotive and printing. Daily operations have B&B Products holding tolerances that are normally produced in a grinder. Their CNC machines routinely hold tolerances of .0002 with repeatability of 50 millionths of an inch. Whether your need is five, ten, or a volume of 10,000 pieces, B&B Products is your go-to vendor. They combine a complete CNC precision machine shop with a breadth of engineering knowledge to provide you with innovative solutions to your biggest part challenges.


B&B Products, Inc.’s processes are

Calculated – At B&B Products, they understand that meeting delivery deadlines is vital to their customers’ operations. Using CAD/CAM software such as MasterCam and PartMaker combined with JobBOSS ERP system, they are able to streamline their work as well as manage inventory.

Consistent – To deliver consistent, reliable results to customers, B&B Products specializes in production runs using pallet pool systems. This ensures the last part coming off the fixture is the same superior quality as the first!

Refined – B&B Products strives to continuously improve its processes. With setup being the most costly step, they invest in tooling to set jobs up permanently. Through their refinement processes, they have cut piece part setup costs by as much as 75 percent. By continuously reducing setup and cycle times, there is rarely a need for price increases. Customers can feel confident they are getting excellent service with the most cost-effective production.